Historic Initiative

Historic Initiative

To the left is my copy of the Hardial Bain’s pamphlet Modern Communism published by the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist).  Comrade Hardial Bains was the founder and leader of the CPC(ML) until his passing in 1997.

This is an important pamphlet which is critical in waging the class struggle for the emancipation of the working class.  The subject is that of Modern Communism and what is needed for the working class to begin to provide solutions and alternatives that the system of capitalism and imperialism has denied and constantly denied in order to consolidate their own power.  Here is an excerpt from the introduction:

“A climate of ignorance and terror is created that militates against even exploring the subjects of Modern Communism and the Communist Party. The people do not acquire real knowledge of society in which they live, and are actively discouraged from participating in changing it. Serious discussion and inquiry into Modern Communism and the Communist Party would bring clarity to everything about society and all the political forces and other aspects of modern life. It is this clarity which imperialism and the reactionary bourgeoisie vehemently oppose…Modern Communism is based in the struggle of the present period to find the way forward, to open the door to progress of society…”

Since the reactionary bourgeoisie is busy trying to subvert the worker’s struggle through every means imaginable, I believe this pamphlet really spearheads through this climate of not discussing Communism (anti-communism) and the Communist Party by being pro-active in its approach and to engage people in discussion about it. I think it is also important that these discussions also fit in the context of the present period.

Please contact CPC(ML) or USMLO for further information about Hardial Bain’s work.